24 September 2011

How about them Randoms?

I usually post things in groups but today I was looking for images that stand alone... So here's to randomness:

Oliver's Playmobil Pirates:

My Mother was a champion bowler. This is her bowling ball:

I love dead roses. I have them all over my workspace:

The bokeh of the trees 10 meters behind this flower made me happy:

Baby cactus leaves... I guess they're called leaves...:

Barbed wire that I found at some gas station's parking lot on the way to the coast:

Oliver in a blow up water slide that his friend's dad rented for a birthday party. Talk about happy kids! These things are well worth renting:

Carved bear in Chimney Rock NC:

Statue in the lobby of the hotel where we stayed at Lake Lure NC:

Water Lily at the same hotel's reflecting pond:

Just a snapshot of the things I used to create the smoke pictures I did a few months ago:

Lake Crabtree, Morrisville NC: