05 March 2012


"egg" was designed and shot by Alli Coleman. I did the lighting and post-production work. Our model, Carole, worked naked, wrapped in wet cloth on a near freezing night in January. She either needs therapy or cocoa!






"arch v2"

"lift v2"


25 January 2012

The Flowers of Romance

Taking my title for this one from a lovely and painful album by Public Image Ltd.
I've been busy on these for a while, keeping them hidden away till I had a nice collection to show you:

09 January 2012

black narcissus 8-366

black narcissus 8-366 by sedgwic
black narcissus 8-366, a photo by sedgwic on Flickr.

Testing to see how easy it is to send a picture from flickr to my blog.
This is part of my 366 project. Each day I'm posting a new photo of an item from my collection of little oddities.

08 January 2012

Just two pictures today. I'm letting these two out while I work on many others.

This week we did three shoots, with a total of five models. Alli built a huge bird nest and we shot several scenes using it and we spent some time in our own kitchen cooking up some conceptual shots with a little boy and two evil cats. So hang in there, sugar. We'll be publishing new things, soon.

01 January 2012

In the sticks.

On Christmas Eve morning I went out to an abandoned house near where I was staying in a little town in northeast SC. The grasses were high and the light was...