27 July 2011

Another Arboretum Visit

I live right around the corner from a huge arboretum yet I don't go there as often as I should.

I can always find honey bees working there:

And recently I've found a hummingbird hang out.

Hibiscus about to pop:

A butterfly trying to get a date:

There were a dozen or more bumble bees working in one thistle bush:

And all the while, I was being watched by this security guard:

Prints are available for anything you see on this blog. Just send me a message: sedgfoto@yahoo.com

22 July 2011


Kids and adults, playing with fire.

Stephanie Mejia Shoot

Recently we did a shoot for Stephanie Mejia, a Raleigh (soon to be New York)-based clothing designer. The Makeup was done by Marissa Christina, Model is Brooke Holland and the photos are by Alli Coleman and me. This type of picture processing wasn't what we were doing for Stephanie but rather what I did with them on my own. "sedgwicized"
More loveliness from sugarwater studio coming soon, so check back regularly.

14 July 2011

These are from a shoot that Alli Coleman did with model Brooke Holland. I did the processing. Gorgeous ain't they?


Long ago, when we rode dinosaurs to school and MySpace was cool they upped the limit of pictures one could have from something silly like 48 to an incredible 300! I had a plan to manipulate one photo of myself 300 different ways and put them all up. I think I got to 240 or so when they said "Ah heck, y'all can have as many photos as you want." I lost interest in the project.
So anyway this one was a favorite that I used in many situations as the official sedgwic icon/meme etc.

One day I'm going to do something else with that stack of pictures - I just don't know what.....